......and I still don't know how to write about the whole experience. Eventually, Kiri needs a Gotcha story - and the important details of the story are simple and positive. She is healthy and happy so far (pooh cubed), as is Raimi (pooh cubed) and everyone seems to be on the appropriate trajectory of adjustment.

However the details of our trip - who did what; what happened when - are not particularly pleasant or inspiring. It was very hard. We got very little help and were pretty much alone. Kiri was sick when we got her - Raimi was sick the day we left for home. We had to fight to get Kiri any sort of medical care and ultimately relied on our pediatrician at home. Raimi spiked a fever the day that the airlines began taking people off of flights coming from Asia if they appeared "SARS-like" and in a few well known cases, quarantining the entire family. We had a 14 hour flight home with a feverish child we had to sneak-medicate in the airplane bathroom.
I have to wait a while and see how I can present this both to Kiri and to other people that isn't a cheery lie yet isn't a diatribe. We are only on our third day out of quarantine so I expect some of these feelings will settle down and coalesce into something that can be shared. I hope so . And I hope and wish for everyone the same outcome as ours - but with a lot less angst.
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