We proudly introduce our daughter
Zeng Jiang Qiu
Soon to be Raimi Wei-Lin "Qiu-Qiu" Woodruff
(if that's okay with her)
Our little girl was born October 4th, 1999. She's currently residing in the Changsha First Social Welfare Institute in Hunan Province, so she's a Chili Baby, hurrah!
She is very very beautiful, says "Ya ya, yi yi" when she is happy and cries when she wants to be picked up.
Hang in there baby.... We're coming to get you just as soon as we can!!!

(This was our referral announcement. Recent pictures and news can be found here .

If you click you can get a bigger picture of Raimi but it will still be this picture. Hi there.
Yep, if you click here you'll get another one of them giganto pictures. But it too is just a larger version of this one.