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Summer 2003 Photo Album - a summer of love, giant bees and moles with giant bees in their mouths.

Here are a few pictures of our Woodruffs Go to War Adventure. We came home victorious! Plus you might like to look at a few pictures my sister Sue took when she was here , like an angel sent from Heaven Above.

Here is a picture of Raimi from the State Fair last summer. I don't really like posting her recent pictures anymore. It was different when she was a baby..

at the fair............

"I am old, I am old, I will wear my trousers rolled." Who said that? It might have been T.S. Eliot or perhaps it was Barney Fyfe. I do not know. I do know it wasn't my husband because he had a birthday recently and he still isn't. Old. Irregardless, which is not really a word, we had a great celebration with cake with animals on it and balloons with animals on them and the dogs wore party hats. Here is the present that we gave Glenn and *boy* he was actually surprised!

I was looking for a way to slap a whole bunch of pictures on a page quickly. Unfortunately, I found one. So here is a retrospective on the latter part of the year 2001 (the happy part(s)) in a not particularly aesthetically pleasing format. Enjoy!

Ok, I confess - I've gone "thumbnail" crazy. It's so easy!! It came to me in a blaze of light - when you have a bunch of photos with no real reason to show them to anyone aside from just plain wanting to - thumbnails! Thumbnails! Plus if you say the word "thumbnail" about ten times, it sounds really odd. "Thumbnails". I wonder what the etiomological story is there? If you know, please share. Also if you know why the photographer, in this series of photographs, chose a furry black background to take pictures of a furry black dog, I'd be interested to know that too.

Recent studies have shown that this picture of Jia Jia, Ed and Miss Thing is the cutest picture anywhere of anyone, anyhow.

Can you believe Christmas is over? Me neither! Can you believe I just now finished the Thanksgiving pages? Well, it's true, my homies!

Behold the very scary Halloween slide show .

Another October event *also scary* - our baby turned two! So, dang it all, we had a party .

Start here to see eight pages of Summer Fun .

You asked for it. You got it. Toyota. May i present THE picture of Raimi as the Flower Girl at Jia Jia and Ed's wedding. Right here.The only picture. That's right. There is only one. (Don't blame me - i was in the front row with Uncle Jason, crying my eyes out!)

Take a trip to the crossroads of our nation by visiting St Louis on Memorial Day 2001. And you can practically smell the monkey cages when it's a trip to the zoo with Grandpa. ..................

Herein please find a Spring 2001 Round-Up.

For those of you who want to skip right to photos of our trip to China and the exact moment of "Gotcha" (updated April 1st, 2001), go here. My account of Gotcha Day can be found here.

Join us for our Celebration of the Sun with the Inca Princess Raimi by clicking on the picture below. You will be led to a mystical land - ok, ok - you will see pictures of our trip to Florida to see Nana and Pa. But Nana and Pa can be pretty darn mystical!

Just before jetting off to Casa Del Steinberg, I posted some very nice pictures of the Lunar New Year celebration.

RIPPED FROM YESTERDAY'S HEADLINE'S: The Lost Photos of Christmas Eve 2000 have been found!

RIPPED FROM BEFORE YESTERDAY'S HEADLINE'S: shenanigans on New Year's Eve 2000 !

Here are some Hanukah/Christmas 2000 pictures .(I just added some new photos so I can proudly say this page has been updated 08/17/01). The Big Menorah and Santa Claus were very good to us all, and to the children at Changsha First Social Welfare Institute.

And now may we present............Raimi meets Santa and Mrs. Claus and shows them her bagel. Thank you, FCC-IN and of course the gang at the North Pole. (Sadly, the Big Menorah had a touch of the vapors and was too ill to attend.)

Here is a photo of Raimi which I thought I would throw in just in case you were wondering, "Where in the Sam Hill are the pictures already?":

i am darn cute, aren't I?

Take a gander at a photographic potpouri of late fall 2000 festivities. You've got your Halloween pictures; Election Day pictures and just a day in the fast paced, high tech world of the Woodruff family pictures. And I have just added *at no extra cost to you* a few pictures of people sitting around looking autumnal.

The company that Glenn works for, Pinnacle Systems, won a technical Emmy. The staff brought in friends and family to pose for wacky pictures with the statue and *surprise* we just happen to have snapped about a dozen of Raimi. Here is just one.

Here are some pictures from a impromtu dance marathon we held at the Woodruff Chapeaux to celebrate something-or-other.

Raimi models casual sportsware at another fabulous venue.

Aunt Jennifer * as of February 27th 2001, Mom to her own new citizen - 6 pounds even of one Kaitlin Ann Stewart Allen * had requested a sneak peek of how Raimi looked in the Spiderman costume that Glenn bought for her. You will note: she looks MARVELous!

Raimi pictures from Labor Day weekend 2000 can be found here.

Raimi pictures from late July 2000 can be found here.

Here is our girl a few weeks before we came to get her.

And finally, the beginning.....We raced down to our agency ( a three hour drive) an hour after we received "the call". Tina had said how beautiful our daughter was, and when we walked in the door, we were handed an envelope. Glenn pulled out a picture * a tiny tiny picture of a days old infant with a scrunched up face* and we started crying (of course),and saying "Oh, she IS so beautiful!". One of the FTIA folk said, "No,no, she really is REALLY beautiful" and showed us there were two more larger, more recent pictures in the envelope. This is what we saw.