My Trip To See Nana and Pa

by Raimi Woodruff
We had a really great time at Nana and Pa's. Their house is very beautiful and so are they. Here are some things I did when I was in Florida..........

I showed Nana my backpack.
I had Pa make long distance phone calls with a shell.
I saw flamingos!!
A bird showed Mommy and I his butt.
Mommy told me interesting facts about birds.
I got to walk in the beautiful gardens with Nana and Pa.

I would also like to say that we did go to the beach but for some reason everyone seemed to have "forgotten" to bring their cameras.

There might be more Florida pictures later - I don't know. Also soon you can see pictures of me on Citizenship Day.

Okay, well since you are asked, here is one:

Woo hoo - what a parTAY!

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