"Raimi's Rubick's Cube Caper"

Raimi on Christmas Morn at Jia Jia Doris'.
The brightly colored antique Rubick's Cube beckons the tiny toddler.

Raimi tries to divert Great Grandma Miller's attention
by offering her the Musical Elmo Keychain.

Great Grandma politely admires the Musical Elmo Keychain
Raimi seizes the moment to escape with her square booty.

Symbolizing her disenchantment with a materialist society,
Raimi crushes the Rubik's Cube under her tiny foot,
secure in the knowledge that these really big presents are all for her.

Uncle Jason comforts the tot, who is exhausted after copping a plea.

Raimi is now serving time in Toddler Time Out
a "fashion forward" detention center run by Mommy.

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