this (was) just in.............

This was our last update before we left for China on July 23rd,2000. The photographs of Raimi were taken by Etta Wolfe - her daughter Nancy was also from Changsha First Social Welfare Institute. Etta very generously took these pictures of a Raimi we hadn't yet seen, hugged and kissed her because we could not, and brought images home for us to hang on to. :

As of June 9th, 2000, Raimi is 26.377 inches long and 15.43 pounds mass. Her head circumference is 15.74 inches and chest is 16.14. Her feet are "a nine" and we're not sure what that means. But we know it's good!

And now a word from our daughter...........

"Hi! Yes, I cut all my hair off!
My first act of rebellion!!

"Go buy Adoption Today Magazine.
My Mom has an article in it and it's very good."
"That's me on the right.
This other babe is my crib-mate Olivia. She's shipping out to the Midwest, same as me. This is her Mom, Kirsten. My new friend Etta is holding me. You go, girls!"

"Etta thinks I'm pretty darn cute.
I am, aren't I? I mean, objectively speaking."
"My parents haven't finished putting together my room yet. If you squint,
you can kinda see ocean-y type things,
like that wall.
I think it shows alot of potential, but potential what I really couldn't say."

"Can someone sit my folks down and explain about the invention of curtains and lampshades? Hello?"

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