Families in Waiting/ Our Story and a Letter to Our Daughter

written February 14th, 2000
*two months before we received The Call*

My husband and I are waiting for our little Raimi Wei-Lin Woodruff. I think we have been waiting all our lives for her.

I'm Judy and I'm from New York. I come from a family of small, slightly nutty people. Glenn's "people" are from Oklahoma and Kansas and are also slightly nutty. The main difference is that they are very tall.

Our families include many religions, about 3 different races, many occupations, temperaments and interests. Most of us LOVE animals, especially dogs from the Humane Society or any other haven for unappreciated creatures. Some of us are in the helping and/or teaching professions, with a nice smattering of "computer heads" among us all. Some of us are still "finding themselves" but are generally very nice people to be around.

My husband and I have four dogs and two cats. We bought an old house in a "transitional" neighborhood which never "transisted". We are fixing it up and want to sell it QUICK as soon as we get back from China.

Glenn works very full time designing video and audio effects for editing systems. I work part time and go to school.

Every day brings us closer to our dream. We are waiting for Raimi.

Dear Raimi,

When you are old enough to find this web site and laugh at the primitive nature of its construction on a system that will by then have become obsolete - remember this:

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