Bonjour ~ Ni Hao ~ Shalom ~ Hi, how are ya?

C'mon on in. Take off your coat - can I get you something? A piece of cake? Some fruit?

I'm guessing that you'd like to know more about China-adoption. I'm also guessing (wait, wait.......yes, I'm getting a vision right now from the "other side".........of my living room) that you might want to see some pictures of our little family in all its photogenic glory. Well, slap on a mask and c'mon in - we're just sitting around watching the bacillus multiply!

If you want to run quickly like a gazelle to the information about adopting from China, go right thru here . If you want to see pictures, go here or just click on the photo of the hooded Raimi three paragraphs down. Or, if you need a good cry, there is always the picture of the EXACT moment that our first daughter was delivered to us and my written account of what transpired thereafter. We still haven't recovered from our latest trip (home April 4th,2003) to bring home Kiri to write much of anything but there are a few pictures here.

Raimi was placed in our arms on June 26th, 2000 at about 1:15 PM,in the lobby of the Dolton Hotel in Changsha, Hunan Province, PRC. Kiri was presented to us at the Fuling Social Welfare Institute on March 24th, 2003 a little after noon. Being Raimi and Kiri's parents is the closest to heaven we will probably ever be. They are courageous and loving little people. Whatever forces in the universe converged to bring us together - I thank them from the core of my being. Our Girls are truly miracles.

If any of you are asking yourselves right now, "Will the wait and the emotional roller coaster ever end?" - the answers are, "yes" and "yes". We have the proof - both upstairs and both *shockingly* sleeping - and we've now ridden the roller coaster twice.We left the morning after the war started and just as SARS was hitting the big time. War.............SARS.............War..............SARS.........the words are like hockey pucks in our brains and the trip was very stressful and very hard. But our little Kiri is a sweet and energetic baby. And we'd go thru it all again to have her in our arms.

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