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My husband and I are a "family in waiting" once again. But in the fall of 1999 - a hundred years ago - we were a "family in waiting" for the first time, and first time parents-to-be as well. I started this web site then and have been adding to it ever since. Right now it is the beginning of June in the year 2002 and I've just added another new link - that is how fresh and ripped from today's headlines this site it!! But for some reason, I can't hit the delete button on this corny "you are there" account that I wrote about two years ago today, when we were just about to leave for the airport. So if you are here for some actual helpful information, just scroll down to the next horizontal line and skip this sentimental clap trap. If you, like me, like sentimental clap trap, you probably understand why I can't bring myself to erase this little section below.................................

Our plane departs on June 22nd,2000 at 6am. We will land in Changsha on June 26th, in the year 2000 - a day we very cleverly call Baby Day. We will fly to Guangzhou on July 1st and spend my birthday getting Raimi's picture taken for her visa. This qualifies as the best birthday ever.

(Hey, wanna guess what the temperature is in Changsha right this very minute ? Well, you don't have to guess! Just take a weather forecast for Changshafor yourself.)

but getting back to the waiting..............

If you are reading this and you are in any stage of pre-adoption from China, you probably know any or all of the following:

It is a process that takes a strong constitution and alot of intestinal fortitude. You may be in the middle of the frustrating "paperchase" and think it will never end. ( It does). You may be waiting out the time it will take from when your documents have been accepted by the Chinese government (DTC) to when you receive that most wonderful of calls: "the referral" (DOR). OR you may already have your referral, and are clutching that tiny picture of your new daughter - and you're still waiting. You are either waiting to be notified of your travel date (DOT) or you have finally received your official date of travel...... but you're still HERE and your child is THERE. You are still waiting.

I'm presenting resources that have helped us as we struggled to get to where we are now - still unpacked at 1AM, doing my sixth load of onesies and pretty much in love with the whole world. We will be leaving in 30 hours to spend sixteen and one half days in and around the Peoples Republic of China. We're going to get our munchkin and bring her home.

Well, that was then. And I so brilliantly observe that this is now. And we are waiting again - this time for Munchkin #2, due sometime at the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003, or whenever the CCAA is ready to pick up our dossier from the pile of November 2001 DTC's and start making another match that will change our lives irrevocably and irretrievably. The resources below are still very much a part of our waiting process. I hope they can be of some help to you and yours.

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Good luck to you all and stay strong!

Raimi in the Snuggle Pit

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